12th November 2017

Writing Portfolio FINAL COPY

Story from a Counsellor perspective:


Tim was your average 13 year old, enjoying some of the best years of his life. His quiet

cul de sac housing some of his favourite memories.


Early may of 2014 he made one of his biggest mistakes. With two friends alongside him, Tim made the poor decision to provoke several older kids outside, a harmless idea at first, which ultimately ended with his scooter broken. He thought this had concluded their encounter. Peers and him fleeing inside marked the teens honour being restored.


Later that night, as he ran around outside with his friends once more, the same kids beat Tim to a pulp.

He spent two days in hospital, 3 weeks out of school, and the next few years wanting revenge.

When Tim was tasked with recounting the events, you could see it mustered a paralyzing feeling from within. It is little different than reliving an encounter with your biggest fear.


A punch, what an unpleasant sense. Adrenaline pumping through your body, as it makes you acutely aware of each impact. Your head telling you to run, survive. Tims narration of the events was surreal, really. Tim spoke of his heart beating all throughout his body, the bruised ribs being a painful reminder of the thugs shoe print, his face kissing the tarmac with a hearty thud.


Tim was no longer friends with the boys he was with that night, nor did he intend to be. Not because he felt betrayed, but more in an attempt to bury the event, that part of his life, his personal rock bottom.


‘It’s a funny feeling growing up believing you are untouchable, then someone kicks you in the stomach and you’re nothing’. Tim was more mentally wounded than anything, his healing sucked the life out of him and was something you could almost observe.


Tim spoke of coping with his anger, and felt cowardly for just crawling into a ball, like a spider, a comparison Tim did not find comfort in hearing.


Tim and I’s communication halted at the last session. I had not fulfilled my purpose. Tim did not accept his circumstances, nor did he leave me in the right headspace. Too many regrets and dark thoughts for someone of such youth.


It was all I could do at that point to hope time healed such things.  

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