11th August 2017

Speech – Direction

In my opinion, the first 18 years of your life are like a free trial, the rest you pay in full. This renders the rest of my life somewhat a daunting prospect. Growing up for me has been a slow dragged out process involving many mistakes. For me, its been sort of a jigsaw, in which each piece represents a mistake.

When I was little, growing up seemed an illusion, for it was years till then.

Despite his name meaning nothing to any of us, Patrick Rothfuss once said “The day we fret about our future is the day we leave our childhood behind”. That day came long ago.



Realising it was my last year of school, I knew I had to force myself to become more independant. Coming to hostel was an attempt to face the world I had always hidden from.

I had absolutely no clue what to write in this speech, and in a way this kind of represents the decision I face with my future, I have no clue. I contemplated an exaggerated sob story to appeal my audience.

Few experiences have shaped me as a person like coming to hostel. A haunting prospect it was, who is to say I wouldn’t get a house with 5 complete opposites. Despite getting literally nothing done, its a great time

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  1. A good start, Dylan.

    Now to update or add more!

  2. Dylan,

    I really want to see more on here with only a few lessons to go…


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